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Positions Available ( Deleted Outdated. Revise Entirely) See Internships

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Paid training and hiring now for part to full time work through 2021

See our ongoing ads on Craigslist or at local colleges and universities.

This is a high volume business and we pay well for experienced water rescue certified applicants.

We also have assistant positions for "check in" and at our launch location.

Join a professional outdoor safety team. Safety first is a given, so we can have fun with our clients.

Please Submit Resumes, References, and Cover Letters by e-mail and call us. 


We want to talk to you.    707-865-2249,  info@watertreks.com.

This page will be updated soon.

Guided Tours are closed until we reach herd immunity or until people want to work.

Do not try to use this business for unemployment claim fraud. Employment is available and has been since May of 2020.  

Our employees who are single parents with very young or school aged children are generally exempt for 2020 and 2021.

Most single parents  have needed to be at home with their children.  This will change as the availability of child care increases or their children can go back to school full time.